The Construction Process

As society enters the 21st century, the construction process is not made up of just the nails, wires, boards and pipes anymore. A successful construction project relies upon the management of the project as much as the actual physical construction. TriCal's construction management staff not only has the expertise to direct, coordinate and supervise a multi-faceted project, but has the construction savvy to maximize timing and budgetary considerations. With each project, TriCal strives to provide the best in construction management with the following objectives:

  1. Establish an open line of communication so that there is a clear understanding regarding the construction process
  2. Prepare a comprehensive scope of work for each phase of construction
  3. Select dependable subcontractors who have the technical competency and labor force necessary for the size and complexity of the job
  4. Coordinate the subcontractors, suppliers, consultants and governmental officials to ensure that the project schedule is adhered to and the project has a continuous workflow
  5. Establish a risk containment program designed to minimize risk from the unexpected
  6. Provide regular reports detailing the current project cost breakdown and any revision in the project schedule to allow the effective "monitoring" of the development
  7. Perform regular quality control inspections to ensure the workmanship meets or exceeds industry standards
  8. Collect and assemble all required paperwork for the project, including required certificates of insurance for each subcontractor, labor and material lien releases and inspection reports from the financial institution lending on the project

By using available resources and keeping an open line of communication, TriCal aims to be an efficient construction manager by ensuring the project is completed in a timely, financially prudent manner. The Goal is to achieve Zero Defects and "No Excuses" on each and every project. This is accomplished by thoroughly understanding the work to be performed and having the management expertise to direct, coordinate and supervise a variety of trades and consultants to complete each project in a quality, expeditious and cost-efficient manner.

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